Who are we? After graduation from Veterinary university in 1999 MVDr. Jiri and Jana Lukas opened their family veterinary practice in Unhost, which is a little city 20 kilometers west of Prague. They also offer a veterinary service in Bratronice where they have their home. Recently they opened a new veterinary clinic in Kladno.
What can we offer? Mostly we see dogs, cats and other little pets such as rabbits and ferrets. Jiri is particularly interested in avian medicine and so we see companion birds quite often too. Jiri spent some time in the Dubai Falcon Hospital where he treated mainly raptors but other wild animals too. He had also visited some other veterinary clinics abroad (GB, USA). Jana is extremely interested in small animal internal medicine - and her favourites are the diseases of ear and eye. She enjoys working with microscope and uses various staining techniques.
We also offer:

  • soft tissue surgery
  • veterinary obstetrics
  • routine vaccinations
  • animal etology
  • RTG
  • diagnostic ultrasound
  • ultrasound for removing of dental tartar
  • collecting and laboratory assessment of samples
  • preventive parasitological examination
  • DNA testing for sex determination in birds
  • treatment of various wild animal species and ratities

Emergency cases will be treated in Bratronice No 20
(appointments by telephone) 312 659 630 or on mobile 728 777 752.
We also offer veterinary services in Unhošť, Telefone 312 690 123.
Most of our veterinary work is now concentrated to our clinic in Kladno, Tylova 2150. Telephone 312 267 744.